PFAS Treatment

Emerging contaminants of concern - PFAS


Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) are amongst the many per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) now recognised as toxic, persistent, and bioaccumulative pollutants in the environment.






InTreat™ Water


InTreat™ water is a water treatment process specifically designed for consistently treating PFAS impacted water to achieve non-detect discharge water quality. The system is designed to reliably remove PFOS, PFOA, PFHxS, PFHxA, PFBA, PFBS, 6:2FTS, and 8:2FTS among other PFAS compounds. Low level total oxidisable precursor assay (TOPA), and super trace PFAS laboratory analysis has been used to verify the process effectiveness for removing known target PFAS compounds and precursors.


Our service includes;

  • Bench scale testing of your site-specific water (accounting for PFAS and co-contaminants)
  • Pilot plant trials at our facility (200 L samples)
  • On site pilot plant trials (220 L/hr)
  • Full-scale treatment at flowrates of 1 L/s to >40 L/s
  • On-line, real-time assurance of treatment effectiveness

The robust process operates continuously, but may be stopped and restarted at any time without impacting the water quality, or risking PFAS breakthrough. Its simple design allows for fluctuations in feedwater flow and PFAS contaminant concentration. The robust process has proven effective for both low PFAS concentrations, and for PFOS concentrations >120,000 µg/L, even in the presence of co-contaminants such as heavy metals and TPH.



InTreat™ Soil


Soil and sediment treatment of PFAS compounds by immobilisation has been demonstrated to be effective using the Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure (SPLP) and using the Multiple Extraction Procedure (MEP). The MEP was done at both the standard low pH and also at a neutral pH to simulate the worst case scenario; in the pH range where PFAS has its highest solubility. Our tests show that >99.9% of PFOS, PFOA, PFHxS, and PFHxA can be immobilised and the MEP showed no PFAS in the leach solutions. Our technology is based on a combination of amendments that are selected to maximise adsorption of target PFAS compounds, including in the presence of co-contaminants.


Our service includes;

  • Bench scale testing of your site specific soil, with treatment cost estimation
  • Full-scale in situ and ex situ applicability

Sampling and analysis by a third party NATA accredited laboratory (SPLP, ASLP, TCLP, or MEP)