UST & UPSS Removal

Underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS) are common, they usually incorporate infrastructure such as underground storage tanks (UST), fuel pipelines, bowsers and vents. If not properly maintained or monitored, UPSS can leak; releasing petrol, diesel and other hydrocarbons into the soil and groundwater. This can negatively impact the source site and possibly migrate beyond the property boundary, impacting on neighbouring residents and businesses.


The removal of UPSS, particularly once abandoned, will eliminate the risk of environmental impacts and legal liability for these systems.


InSite regularly undertakes the removal of UPSS at sites across Australia, from dense inner city locations with limited space and restricted access, to rural areas. Our experienced remediation team uses and maintains its own specialist tools and equipment to safely undertake the works.  


InSite provides a full service, including the removal of residual contents from fuel infrastructure, de-gassing, washing, and off-site disposal in accordance with AS4976:2008.  




CASE STUDY: UST removal and tank replacement


InSite was engaged to remove and replace two 45 kL and one 32 kL underground storage tank (UST), fuel pipelines and vents, and refurbish remaining infrastructure at North Arm Cove, NSW.  


Whilst the site remained partially operational, works included the chasing and removal of impacted soils and concrete for off-site disposal. Approximately 350,000 litres of impacted water was also treated using an InSite wastewater treatment system prior to discharge on site.  


Once remediated, InSite installed new double-walled fibreglass USTs, new fuel and vent lines, and reinstated the site stormwater drainage lines, pits and vaults, returning the site to normal operation - but free of the legacy environmental liability.  


Due to obligations with the retail operator, the property owner set a strict 6 week timeline to return the site to full operation; a deadline comfortably achieved by InSite.

CASE STUDY: UST removal in Darlinghurst


InSite undertook the removal of four USTs at an operating automotive dealership in central Sydney. Included in the removal were two 15 kL tanks previously used for unleaded petrol and diesel, two 45 kL tanks (previously abandoned, grout filled), and two fuel dispensers.


Works included the removal of concrete hardstand, degassing of tanks, and vacuum extraction of contaminated liquid and slurry.


Waste removed from site included 25 tonnes of restricted solid waste, 5 tonnes of general solid waste, and approximately 48,000 litres of liquid waste, including contaminated water and unleaded petrol.


The voids were backfilled with clean fill to 98% compaction, with geotechnical testing from 1.2m below ground surface level, before being resurfaced with asphalt.